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    Hi Danny, i’ve the same problem that ticket : http://www.themelogi.com/tickets/topic/submenu-with-links-containing-do-not-open-unless-on-the-same-page/
    How can i resolve?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Please.. need help..


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your info!

    I’ve just fixed it so support anchor link in menu item level 3 as in your site, please check again.

    I’ve commented out the code e.preventDefault(); right below the condition jQuery(this).find(">a").is('[href*="#"]') in script.js file.

    Hope this helps,


    Hi Danny, thanks for answer! OK it works when i use mouse in computer, but when i use my mobile (clic with finger), it doesn’t work. Menu collapse and link doesn’t work. Can you try in your mobile please? Thanks 🙂


    Hi Danny, sorry for insist but i need to find solution for mobile menu please. Can you check? Do you need more information? Do you understand? Thanks


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your info and I’m sorry for the late response!

    Actually, I’m not sure about this issue on mobile, maybe the anchor links only work with menu level 2, but not level 3.

    If it doesn’t work too, you may need to use the normal link only (instead of anchor link). Because the parent link should only set as sample URL “#” as in our live demo, but not actual link as in your site. Because when you click on it, it will redirect to the link, but not open the child items.

    Thanks for your understanding. Take care!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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