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    I am using your ‘Corporate’ template, that has got a header image with video, how to remove the video and play button, I tried Visual Composer setting but couldn’t find required settings.

    Now about the Blog.

    I first cloned ‘Column Full Width’ page.
    Then modified it, just changing the header image.
    Added some posts.

    But my results are different from your demo screen. So here are my questions:

    1> What is the ideal size for post’s featured image? You are using 1920 x 1278 size. On ‘Column full Width’ page, post snippets are shown on a grid 4 post snippets per row, how the original featured image is scaled down here (ratio/ scale).

    2> In your demo, if I click on a post snippet, post is displayed on a new page, featured image goes to header and also it is displayed in the post body. In my version, header not there? IS there any setting that I need to do to get the same effect?

    3> If post’s featured image appears on the header then same image in the post is shown. This seems to be rather order kill. An I keep the image in the header and remove from the post body?

    4> ‘Date published’ is missing, it is not there anywhere in the post page, in your demo too. I want date to be displayed, it is an important attribute for a post. (at least to me!) , how date published can be added?

    5> IN my version, ‘‘Column Full Width’.. when I click on post, a new page is launched to display that single post. Fine. On this page I could see two navigation arrows (left & right) that takes one to previous / next post, hovering on those arrows also shows next post’s title, like a tool tip, nice touch! But interestingly this is not there in your demo’s similar page! Some confusion here.

    6> On the ‘Column Full Width’ post snippets are shown with thumbnail of featured image, there is some mouse hover animation for that image, is this the only animation option available?

    7> There are several pages for blog display, 2 col, 3 col, with side bar, without side bar, masonry etc. Then what page should I set in settings-> reading-> posts page? I set it to generic ‘Blog’ it worked, but is it the correct way? If I want to use ‘‘Column Full Width’ for my blog display and if I set posts page to ‘‘Column Full Width’ ‘ I get strange results, grid disappears, all posts get listed one after another in list type, no featured image, no header, and surprisingly here ‘Date Published’ is displayed nicely!

    7> Post snippets are fine , one can set number characters to display , but does it inclusive of any HTML formatting characters? Because I am getting different height post snippets , well this good , as it breaks the monotony of this pattern, slight disorder looks nice. I asked this just out of curiosity.

    8> In your demo, each post (single post display) ends with … You may also like and then followed by 3 post snippets, in my version this is not happening, what settings are required here?



    • This topic was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by suhasg.

    Hi Suhas,

    About the video button, please click on Edit button in Single Header element, switch to “Button Options” tab, and remove the video link, and the button.

    About the blog section:

    1. The Column Full Width page, will split to 4 columns and original featured image size, this is because the masonry layout, if you want to scaled featured image, please use blog with Grid layout instead of Masonry layout.

    2. You can go to your blog single post editor, scroll down to bottom, and set the Page Title Layout something like this:

    3. You can custom the images appears on the header by using the Custom Background Image as screenshot here (the option at bottom of single post editor):

    Also, you can disable the featured image to appears in single post by going to Dashboard > Appearances > Cusotmize > Blog, and set the “Show feature image on single post?” option to “No”.

    4. You can add Date using the solution in the topic here: http://www.themelogi.com/tickets/topic/date-missing/#post-1111

    5. The post navigation in blog is disabled in our live demo, you can control it going to Dashboard > Appearances > Cusotmize > Blog > Enable Single Pagination?.

    6. Yes, currently there is only one animation available in the blog layout.

    7. That because the page in settings-> reading-> post will override the page content and page setting in page editor. If you set a page in settings-> reading-> post, you’ll need to go to Dashboard > Appearances > Cusotmize > Blog, and change the Blog Layout, Blog Title, Blog background image in there.

    8. The “You may also like” display other related posts if the post has same tag as screenshot here:

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks ,

    Will check all this. Some of the things I already figured out in the mean time.

    My situation is :

    Blog is my real strength. my blog on free WordPress (.com) is quite popular and I have a sizable number of fans and followers. But now I want to push my services rather aggressively so a new self hosted website is called for, Blog will still remain in its full glory but my ‘Consultancy’ and ‘Training’ offerings need a proper show case too.

    Now here is the catch, there are some beautiful “blog’ only themes (BUzzBlog, WordMag etc) but they can’t offer the bells and whistles and customization. And on the other side Avada, X, The7, Enfold , Jupiter etc themes are rather weak in ‘Blog’ area.

    That’s why I am looking at your theme as a midway solution. I am not asking for the moon, just some nicely implemented ideas based on ‘Blog only’ themes , would suffice. At least you can guide me what changes (and where) are needed, I can manage it.

    I purchased your theme not for the price but for support (otherwise $59 is not that big amount for me) , hope I continue to receive support from you .




    This is regarding removing Video Play button from Single header element.

    You suggested:

    “About the video button, please click on Edit button in Single Header element, switch to “Button Options” tab, and remove the video link, and the button. “

    There is an option to remove video URL but there is no option to remove button, see the Visual composer menu options:

    Single Header settings:

    General Tab

    Header layout
    Enable fullscreen on this header?
    Subtitle before title?
    A line between Title and Subtitle?
    Title font style

    Nothing has any effect.

    Background and color options Tab:

    Header background color
    Header overlay color
    Header overlay value
    Header gradient background color
    Title text color
    Subtitle text color
    Content text color
    Form input schema color
    Header background image
    Background position
    Background size
    Enable parallax on this header?
    Header background video style: This option changed to NO but no effect , button was still there.

    Button Options Tab

    Button link : I cleaned this field , but no effect on the button , still there.
    Button text
    Button style
    Button Video URL
    Button animation
    Button position
    Click an Icon to choose
    Enable icon hover?
    Enable customize button?
    Enable button 2?

    All above has got no effect on the button.

    There is no ‘Button disable ‘ option / setting !

    Finally I went to normal page edit screen Pages-> edit

    [vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column][tlg_header_single btn_link=”|||” button_layout=”play” icon=”” customize_font=”yes” title_font=”0″ title_uppercase=”yes” subtitle_font=”Pacifico:tlg://fonts.gstatic.com/s/pacifico/v7/GIrpeRY1r5CzbfL8r182lw.ttf:tlg:regular” content_font=”0″

    and manually removed following part:

    btn_link=”|||” button_layout=”play” icon=””

    And that worked!

    Now please explain me how and why.




    Hi Suhas,

    Thanks for your explanation 🙂

    You can remove complete that buttons by follow the screenshot here (remove all of that fields):

    This will remove the following part:

    btn_link=”|||” button_layout=”play” icon=””

    Best regards,


    Sorry , I already did that (and mentioned in the my previous post too) , that didn’t work , that why I resorted to changing HTML.




    Hi Suhas,

    Thanks for your explanation 🙂 It should work if you remove all the content if Button Option, but we are glad to see that you sorted it out.

    Best regards,

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