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Tickets Tickets Roneous Some header and footer settings are not respected by pages

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    Similar to Question 7 in your FAQs, I am trying to get individual pages to use the “default” header and footer settings, which I have customised in Appearance > Customize. Unfortunately, despite having made changes in Appearance > Customize and on the Page Settings > Header Layout on individual pages as you suggest, the settings do not take effect.

    Set Appearance > Customize to use a custom logo rather than default “Roneous” logo, and remove the phone number etc…
    Create a page, set Page Settings > Header layout > (default)
    Save changes.
    Expected behaviour: New custom logo loaded on page when you preview.
    Observed behaviour: Original header (with roneous logo, including phone number etc…) is displayed.

    Same thing for the footer. I note that if I set page settings to “No header” or “No footer”, they do disappear. I also note, that when I view the website using the “Appearance > Customize” view, everything appears as I would expect (every page on the site uses the correct header/footer settings), but not when I preview an individual page, or when I view the live site.
    I have a few plugins installed (not many), and have tried deactivating most, and uninstalling/reinstalling your theme. Problem persists.
    Theme version: Version 1.8.4


    Apologies, I have eventually solved this one! My fault. All of my settings in “Appearance > Customize” were being saved as draft, and I didn’t realise. It seems I needed to “Publish” in that menu. Seems obvious once you realise that “Publish” was a separate button in the same menu, which I hadn’t yet. Unclear if you’d like to clarify in the FAQs, or if other people will be less stupid than me. Happy for this ticket to be closed. Sorry/Thanks!


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your suggestion! And I’m glad you sorted it out. I’ll check and update the FAQs if needed.

    Have a great day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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