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    Hi Danny,

    Can you tell me how to change the colour of the accordion other than the light, dark or prime options?

    I have two accordions on a page and I want one to be the prime colour (which is green in my case) and the other to be red as one represents do’s and I want the other to be don’t’s




    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in!

    To resolve this issue, please follow the steps here:

    1. Open up the tlg_accordion.php file in wp-content/plugins/tlg_framework/includes/vc_shortcodes folder, find the code below (around line 71) :


    … and change it into this:

    	'type' 			=> 'colorpicker',
    	'heading' 		=> esc_html__( 'Custom Color', 'tlg_framework' ),
    	'param_name' 	=> 'custom_color',

    2. Find the code in line 9:

    'color' => '',,

    and change it into this:

    'color' => '',
    'custom_color' => '',

    3. Find the code in line 14:

    $element_id = uniqid( "accordion-" );

    and change it into this:

    $element_id = uniqid( "accordion-" );
    if ( $custom_color ) {
    	$custom_css .= '<style type="text/css" id="tlg-custom-css-'.$element_id.'">#'.$element_id.' .accordion-style-1 .active .title{background:'.$custom_color.';border-color:'.$custom_color.';}#'.$element_id.' .accordion-style-2 .active .title:before{background:'.$custom_color.';}</style>';
    	echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('head').append('".$custom_css."');});</script>";

    Then you can select the accordion Color as you wish here:

    We’ll add this feature as an option in next update of the theme.

    hope this helps,


    Awesome Danny, thank you!!!



    You’re welcome 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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