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    Hello i had wanted to create a portfolio session where they would be categorised. but dont seem to get it even in Visual composer when i add portfolio element in my page.
    Thank you



    Hello Erech,

    To create a portfolio Page, please follow the steps here :

    1. Go to Pages > Add New in your Dashboard.
    2. Choose a title like “Portfolio”.
    3. Switch to the Visual Composer by clicking the Backend Editor button and add the Portfolio element.
    4. Make sure the Row Type is set to Full width (Stretch Row). Click the Publish button.


    You can see more details about creating portfolio page in the link here:!/portfolio
    And here is the document about adding Visual Composer element to a page:!/page_creation

    Hope this helps!


    And also its seems aside the heardetitle addon which color can be changed i cant change any text or title of an addon color can you please help me with this?



    Hello Erech,

    You can use the Single Header element to customize the text, font and color of the header title. Please follow the steps here:

    1. Hide default title of the page (in the Page Settings section at bottom of the page):

    Hide default page title

    2. Add Single Header element to the page, right above the Portfolio element:

    Single Header

    So your page content will look similar like this:

    Single Header

    3. Save and see the changes.

    Hope this helps,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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